El Condado De La Salsa y Latin Jazz - April/May 2020

By Nelson Rodriguez

The end of summer is upon us and there is no end to the hot new releases that have been coming out or are scheduled to be drop before the year ends. One of the hottest new CD’s is the long awaited “R and B Pop Hits in Salsa” by the Paris All Stars Orchestra with Salsa covers of Frankie Valli’s “Swear To God”, Chaka Khan’s “Through The Fire”, Jeffrey Osborne’s “On The Wings Of Love”, Chicago’s “Hard To Say I’m Sorry”, All 4 One’s “I Swear”, Atlantic Starr’s “Always”, Tevin Campbell’s “Can We Talk”, Ne Yo’s “One In A Million”, Debarge’s “A Dream”, and Wham’s “Careless Whisper” as a Salsa instrumental with guest Jose Valentino on sax & flute. Jose Valentino I first discovered in YouTube several years ago. What makes this CD a generational one is producer Eric Maldonado’s use of some great new voices in Salsa that include Cienna Alida, Rich Rivera, Devin Velez, Dre Lewis, Josh Cruz, Lena Morriseau, Carmen Mercado and the veterans Edwin Lebron & Jorge Laureano. Great job by all the vocalist, musicians and arrangers in what will be one the years top CD’s.

Latin Jazz has been amazing this year and some of the best is scheduled to drop soon but a great advance release is pianist Bill O’Connell and the Afro Caribbean Ensemble’s “Wind of The Hudson” with an all-star line-up of Andrea Brachfeld, Conrad Herwig, Lincoln Goines, Robby Ameen, Roman Diaz, Craig Handy, Ralph Bowen, Gary Smulyan and Alex Sipiagin. While having two great versions of “Perdido” and “Oye Como Va” my favorites are “Jerry’s Blues”. “Wind Of The Hudson”, “C Jam Blues”, “Transition” and “Discombobulation” that is highlighted by the soloists and O’Connell’s piano work that has made him a favorite for many decades.

The long-awaited sophomore release by Oscar Hernandez & Alma Libre, “Love The Moment”, is also a big contender for Top 10 honors in the Latin Jazz category and like Bill O’Connell a Grammy nominee. This new CD is a continuation into the mind of one of today’s most accomplished pianist and his journey introduces us to 10 original compositions by Oscar himself. The awesome quintet features hall of famers Justo Almario, Oskar Cartaya, Jimmy Branly, Christian Moraga (Conganas) and guest’s trumpeter Gilbert Castellanos and violinist Dayren Santamaria in one of the years finest releases.

The following list has been on my playlists, at Alma De Barrio (88.9 FM), throughout the summer and many will probably make my best hits of the year list.During this devastating time in the world music has been a way of relieving the stress and horrible news of the day. At Alma Del Barrio we went to automated programming of which I had the privilege of programming an entire weekend and two weeks later both Saturday and Sunday 6am-9am slots. As I heard back the programming, during these mornings, I listened to all the new tracks and recent adds that I had not fully heard. It made me realize that there is an impressive amount of great new songs in 2020 that will be imbedded in the minds of fans and DJ’s as well.

My imposed staycation has also allowed me to update my artist files, photos, magazines, CD’s and restructure my files which in turn inspired me to write new articles on the history of this wonderful music. It is a time that has also allowed me to work on previous projects that I always wanted to do.

My staycation has also allowed me to listen to many internet Radio stations and my favorites have been the Hard Salsa (Salsa Dura) stations in Mexico (Salsa Mexico), Panama (Salsa 106), New York (La Catedral De La Salsa) and Colombia (Colombia Salsa Dura & Salsa Gorda Radio). I enjoy Zeta 93 in Puerto Rico but there you only get mostly acts from PR which limits listeners from the great songs being produced worldwide. At Zeta 93 even the oldies are PR based or basically Fania artists. On the Internet stations you get lots of “La Otra Salsa’.

While this pandemic will probably last longer than we thought and hugely affect how we do things in the future internet radio has made a huge leap in these past few months and will continue to grow.

So far in the year 2020 eight to ten great CD’s that will probably be in the best CD’s of this new decade were released. Four CD’s that were scheduled to be out by now are rescheduled for release in the summer.

Eduardo Zayas has been steadily composing songs, which is his forte and is almost finished with his next release. His CD, “Nacido Entre Titanes”, that had 17 tracks on two CD’s is one of the year’s biggest surprises and while the next CD will not have a s many tracks it promises to be just as good as his debut. This young man is one of today’s brightest composers and has a huge career ahead of him.

Luisito Carrion has been making many guest appearances in 2020 and appears several times on this playlist. While he is no stranger to making these guest appearances on other artists productions/singles it is a sign of what many popular vocalists, like Gilberto Santa Rosa has been doing. My guess is that this is the way many will be looking to generate money in the coming years. Some of the more popular names, starting with GSR who has been doing this at a rapid pace these past few years, have been Victor Manuelle, Herman Olivera, Frankie Vazquez, Ismael Miranda, Marcial Isturiz, Jose Alberto ‘El Canario’, Edgar ‘Dolor’ Quijada, Alex D’ Castro, Mayito Rivera, Isaac Delgado that you see on a regular basis as guest vocalists. While being a guest vocalist is not a new concept the increase is constantly growing for each of the vocalists I mentioned.

Now go enjoy the titles on this hit parade and support the artists who are hurting now worse than ever.


1-La Excelencia- Echa Pa’Lante
2-Eddie Montalvo- Señor Tambo Ft. Luisito Carrion
3-El Swing- Take The A Train
4-Javier Fernandez Big Band Ft. Michelle Brava- Nada
5-Celeste- Lo Mio Es Cantar
6-Charlie Cruz- Pa’ Que Enamorarme
7-Armando Quintana y La Expresividad- Lluvia Con Nieve
8-David Millan- Long Train Running
9-Charanga Joven- Homenaje a Pacheco y Masucci
10-Pacheco y su Timbal- El Vecino Timbalero
11-Miguel Angel- Todo Pasa
12-Sociedad 76- Si Ella Me Quiere
13-Sonora Ponceña- Jubileo 65
14-India- Mi Propiedad Privada
15-David Cedeño- Have I Told You Lately
16-Elvis Bonilla- Agua Dulce, Agua Sala
17-Alfredo Chacon- Apodaca Morning
18-Quintero Salsa Project- Ya Tu Lo Veras
19-Chris Trinidad- La Escencia De La Intencion
20-Isaac Delgado y Gilberto Santa Rosa- El Que Siempre Soño
21-Edwin Perez- Esta Buena La Nena
22-N’Klabe y La Tribu- Pa’ Lante y Pa’ Tra
23-Boogalizer- Loneliness
24-Carlos Pagan Ft. Luisito Carrion- Salsa Gordinflona
25-Conjunto Colores- De Colorado Pa’l Mundo
26-El Noro y 1ra Clase- Me Prendo Sin Candela
27-Alain Perez- Sabor De Mi Rumba
28-NG2- 25 Primaveras
29-Jovi Jiovanni- En Borinquen La Encontraras
30-Pacific Mambo Orchestra- Mr. P’s Mambo
31-La Orquesta Morel Campos- Quiero Que Sepas Tu
32-Vibra Son- Riete
33-Eduardo Zayas y su EZ Banda- Huerta De Soneros
34-Ivan Montero- Melao De Caña
35-Victor Manuelle Ft. Wisin- Boogaloo Supreme
36-Joe Collazo- The Rumba Over The Rainbow
37-Ruben Blades- Como El Dia No Esta Para Morir
38-Maikel Dinza- Manigua
39-Johnny Blas- Boranda
40-Edwin ‘El Calvito’ Reyes- Asi Llamaban Al Conde
41-Nathan Rodriguez y su Conjunto Boriken- Pa’ Que Tu Lo Sepas
42-Tito Rojas- Los Años No Pasan En Vano
43-Bilongo- Calle Swing
44-Andrea Brachfeld- Waters of March
45-Grupo Niche- Cuarenta Ruedas
46-Soneros All Stars- Papi Oviedo y sus Soneros
47-Rayko Leon- Blues En Conga
48-Sammy ‘El Rolo’ Gonzalez y Nestor Freytes y su Orquesta En Dos Tiempos- De Cabeza
49-Mayito Rivera con Lachy- Son 500 Habana
50-Orquesta De La Luz- Celia Cruz Tribute Medley
51-Willy Garcia- Mi Compadre y Yo
52-Wilmer Lozano- Angel
53-Chevy ‘El Pitirre De La Salsa’- Atrevidos Escapados
54-Isa La Roca- Raices
55-Real Charanga- Ella No Baila Sola
56-NG2 Ft. Luisito Carrion, Johnny Rivera, Luis ‘Perico’ Ortiz- No Es Pa’ Tanto
57-Calle Loiza Jazz Project- There Will Never Be Another You
58-Kayvan Vega- Esa Mulata
59-Bailatino- Salsero Soy
60-Pupy y Los Que Son Son- Deja La Magia
61-Charlie Valentin- Good Night My Love
62-Oscar D’Leon Ft. Dimension Latina y Porfi Baloa- Mi Tierra
63-Carlos Callo- Mambo 20 (Mambo King Tribute- Tito Puente)
64-Jeremy Bosch Ft. Oscar Hernandez, Nelson Gonzalez, John ‘Dandy’ Rodriguez-
Medley: Pa’ Que Afinquen/Salome/Anacaona
65-Calle Real- La Ciencienta
66-Ritmo Caliente El Conjunto- Mi Social
67-Manolo Rodriguez- Gracias Doy A Cristo
68-Willito Otero- Tiembla Mi Tierra
69-Tony Succar Ft. Ronald Borjas- Lo Que Pasa Aquí
70-Elito Reve y su Charangon- Cuba Baila Casino
71-El Mena y su Eyeife- La Candela
72-Conjunto Caribeño- Yo Quiero Ser La Musica
73-Jose Jomar y Orquesta KY4 Ft. Luisito Carrion- Mirada De Diosa
74-Cien y su Tren Salsero- El Lengendario
75-El Hijo De Teresa y La Llegada- Amor De Mulato
76-Cheo Valenzuela- Salsa Buena
77-The Cintron Band All Stars- Your Love Keeps On Lifting Higher
78-Alexio DJ Ft. Tony Vellardi & Nestor Pacheco- Gua Guan Co
79-El Son De Alfredo- La Guarandinga De Feiberta
80-Yova Rodriguez- A Venezuela
81-Santiago All Stars- La Piragua
82-Charlie Perez y su Salsa Con Sabor Ft. Nestor Pacheco- Salsa Con Sabor
83-Los Favoritos Orquesta- Escribeme
84-Orquesta La Fuga- Cali Es Un Vacilon
85-Ommy Cardona Ft. Gilberto Santa Rosa- De Cualquier Manera
86-La Descarga- Todos Nacemos Locos
87-Orquesta La Diferente- Vestida De Gala
88-Jose Fajardo Jr. Ft. Ines Fajardo- Busco Un Amor
89-Latin Movement- Saoko
90-Z93 y La Orquesta Del Dia Nacional De La Salsa- El Dia Que Yo Mas Quiero
91-Jose Torres- Mia
92-Junior Valdez- Mana y Son
93-Tamayo- Sin Limite
94-Viti Ruiz- Sabanas Mojadas
95-Make Sound Ft. Jeremy Bosch- Identidad
96-Cohiba Orquesta- Tres Pasos
97-Alfredo De La Fe- Arabian Magic
98-Henry Benavides- La Negra Baila Sabroso
99-Sonaseka- No Hay Voluntad
100-Willie Morales ‘El Piloto De La Salsa’- El Barrio Se Apaga
101-Las Musas De La Salsa- Avisale
102-La 33- Juan
103-Beni Mash & Kiki y su Mecanica- Baila Con Mi Tumbao
104-Gerardo Rosales Ft. Frankie Vazquez- Echandole
105-Mo ‘El Gringo Starr’ Green y su Conjunto Jazzylatino- Calle Raballero
106-Dario Todd y La Existencia- Bailalo Como Tu Quieras
107-DJ Lukas El Taz- Salsa Dramatica
108-The Guacho 20 Piece Studio Band- Luz A Babalu
109-Salsahall Collective- Rising Sun
110-Pepe Montes Conjunto- El Alboroto
111-Avenida 7 Latin Salsa- Agua
112-Ruben Blades y Carlos Vives- No Estas Solo (Cancion Para Los Enfermos)
113-El Tumbao De Ricar Ft. NG2- El Sombrero
114-Luis Enrique Valencia- Ciego No Soy
115-Leyo Ramos- Juanito Mal Maña
116-Rey Montañez y su Conjunto Akangana- Pienso En Ti
117-La Picante Orquesta- Timbalero
118-Mimi Ibarra- Tu No Me Mandas
119-Havana D’ Primera- Quiero Verte Otra Vez
120-Luna Llena Salsa Band- Alunizate
121-La Guabalosa- Vivo La Vida
122-Eric Colon Ft. Tito Gonzalez- La Reina De Mis Amores
123-Son De Sofa- Vintage Sound Montuno
124-La Verdad- Descarga
125-Maynor Vargas y su Orquesta Bonko- Seguia Lloviendo Afuera
126-Ismael Quintana- Yo Soy La Rumba
127-Orquesta Failde- Havana
128-Fleur Seule Latin Big Band- La Cantante
129-Solemar- Timbao Con Son
130-Rebambaramba- Que Te Han Dicho
131-Joe McCarthy & The New York Afro Bop Alliance- J Ben Jazz
132-Joel Uriola Ft. Rodry Go- Te Regalo Esta Rumba
133-Paoli Mejias-La Posverdad
134-Roberto Pequeña Ft. Izis La Enfermera De La Salsa- Canela y Nieve
135-Filosofia- El Teatro Del Absurdo
136-Carlos D’ Castro- Hoy Puede Der Un Gran Dia
137-Jimmy El Leon Ft. Yumuri- La Mujer De Antonio
138-Hector Valentin- Me Quite
139-Edwin ‘El Futuro De La Salsa’- He Bebido
140-Victor Cardona y La Maquina De La Salsa Ft. Alex D’ Castro- Oyeme Tu
141-Miles Peña- Volvere
142-Fernando Aguirre- Paginas Del Alma
143-Andy Montañez Jr.- El Drama
144-Naty Martinez- Tu Moneda
145-Warren Rodriguez Ft. Wilfredo ‘Kitin’ Santiago- Tres Dias
146-Grupo Pa’ Lo Salao- Negro Congo
147-Monsi y su Salsa Ft. Roger Martinez- La Salsa Soy Yo
148-Jimmy Cruz- Estamos En Fiesta
149-Grupo Macondo de Colombia- Mi Wawanco
150-Santa Palabra- Son Pa’ Atenas
151-Wilo Piano y La Sonora Del Sabor- El Tigre
152-Neysi Beatriz- Bemba Colora
153-Lengaia Salsa Brava- Caminantes
154-Jesus Pagan Ft. Damaris- Dia De Boda
155-Tromboranga- Cha Cha Cha Chatuchak
156-Julio Badillo y Las Estrellas- Tengo Tu Amor
157-Dany Lazos- Azucar Mala
158-Rafelito y su Tumbao- Bilongo
159-Conjunto Salsometro- Yo Vengo Avisando
160-Jose Madera Niño y 3er Mundo- Me Gustas Pero
161-Eduardo Padua Ft. Raul Morel- Y Para Que?
162-El Seagal De La Salsa Ft. Luisito Carrion- Cualquiera Puede Ser
163-Leo Mendoza- Sonero Al Natural
164-Monsi y su Salsa Ft. Papa Dee- Son Montuno Apretaito
165-Soneros De Fe- Idilio
166-Victor Cardona y La Maquina De La Salsa- El Guarachero
167-Havana Del Alma-Indestructible
168-Marcos Fernandez ‘El Brujo Del Tumbao’- Coge Un Tumbao
169-Coco Garcia- Amarte Asi
170-Wiwi Buznego- Atiendeme
171-El Combi Orquesta Ft. Zatelite- Se Perdio
172-Riverita y su Orquesta Noche Caliente Ft. Alex Leon- La Musica y Tu
173-Mercadonegro- Triste Y Solo
174-Miles Peña- Solo Como Amigos
175-Leo Vera- Todo Cambia De Color
176-Rik Indio- Como Seria
177-Hector Olmos- Cafe Para Dos
178-Yahaira Plasencia Ft. Sergio George- Cobarde
179-Willie Gonzalez- Culpable
180-Victor Vozigel- Soy Egosita
181-Angel Yos Ft. Alexander Abreu- Donde Quiera Que Voy
182-Orquesta Nosotros Mismo de Venezuela- Siete Para Sonear
183-Lalo Santos- Cuando Baila Una Cubana
184-Daniel Baro y Son Candela- La Seductora
185-El Timba Ft. Ami- Tu Eres Mi Amigo
186-Wito Rodriguez- Negra Baila Conmigo
187-Luis Salsaone- Vagabundo
188-Emilio Frias El Niño y La Verdad- El Padrino
189-Wilson Saoko- El Preso Numero 2
190-Son Mambo- Desaspariciones
191-Proyecto Sur- Shape Of You
192-La Temblequera- Me Gusta
193-Crocro y su Tumbaka- Pa’ San Agustin
194-David Kada- El Amor De Su Vida
195-Jeremy Bosch Ft. Alain Perez- Hoy
196-Eduardo Zayas y su EZ Banda- Borinquen De Pie
197-La Excelencia- Salsa Na’ Ma
198-Eric Pabon-Madre Querida
199-Jose Madera Niño & 3er Mundo- Matices
200-Francisco Peña & La Banda Ft. Hermes Manyoma- Traigo Mi Tumbao